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Miami - Top Interesting Places & Interesting Things to Do (II)

Jungle Island 

If you're lucky enough to be an experienced traveler, visiting locations where tropical animals live is an exciting experience. Jungle Island offers visitors this opportunity within the Miami borders. Animals like Flamingos, Cranes and Condors call this island home. Visitors get an up close and personal view of the animals; for the real tropical rainforest effect.If you would like to do an unforgettable Zoo experience you must do the Jungle Island VIP Tour. It's not recommended for smaller children, but you'll remember it for ever.

Key Biscayne and Biscayne National Park 

Key Biscayne may not be as pretty as Miami Beach or attract as many beautiful bodies, but it compensates for this lack of superficial beauty with its serenity. Despite rising property prices, it has maintained a tranquil air. With little nightlife or shopping, the lure for visitors is nature: there are pristine beaches, two waterfront parks, a cycling path and gorgeous views of Miami... And did you know you could snorkel and scuba dive in Miami? Tourists aren't aware of a gorgeous Biscayne National Park providing this service and more. Since 95% of the park is water, one can enjoy fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking or simply sailing.

Vizcaya Museum & Garden

The sight of the Italian Renaissance-style Vizcaya Museum & Garden on the Biscayne Bay is straight out a fairytale book. It's bizarre to discover a European-style palace in this beach lovers' paradise, but visiting it is like entering a wonderland. Built for Chicagoan industrialist and Europhile James Deering in the 20th-century, the extravagant architecture conceals an opulent interior. Full of European antiques and decorative works from the 16th to 19th centuries, and complete with original fittings, it will whisk you away to a golden age. It's a popular wedding destination. 

Ancient Spanish Monastery 

At over 800 years old, the Spanish Monastery is historically the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere. It's origin geographically places it back to Spain where it was built. In the 20th century, William Randolph Hearst had it disassembled and brought to Miami where it stands today. Besides being a historic tourist attraction, it is highly popular for weddings.
Venetian Pool 

If a pool is just a place to swim then why would a Venetian Pool in Miami be such a tourist attraction. Built in 1924 out of coral rock, it was named after a Venetian Lagoon; designed in Italian style. It is the largest freshwater pool in the United States with a grand waterfall, a kiddy pool and even a bridge to complete the Venetian style. The pool is so precious it is protected by the U.S. Department of Historic Places.

Grapeland Water Park

Who would think Miami was home only to one water park? This brand new park which opened in 2008 brings family fun to the cosmopolitan city. Bright designs by local artist Romero Britto make this water park a wet and wild work of art.

Skydiving Miami 

Sometimes the best way to see a city is from the air. We're not talking about from your flight in but instead skydiving over the pristine beaches of Miami. For years this thrilling way to view the city has been the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy 4 minutes of flying like a bird.

Duck Tour

Considering that the city of Miami is surrounded by a lot of water, imagine taking a tour not only of the city, but on water as well. May it be extremely touristy, but Duck Tours are a unique way to include both. Hydra Terra vehicles are used to ride not only the roadways but the waterways. Tours include the opportunity to see South Beach, Star Island, Millionaire's Row and other famous tourist destinations. 

A Rustic Paradise

And when you you've had enough of the sun, surf and tropical tours, the farm fields around Homestead make for a bucolic break. The Fruit & Spice Park is the only garden of its kind in the United States, a 30-acre park exhibiting over 500 varieties of fruits, veggies, spices, herbs, nuts and exotic edibles. An old schoolhouse and coral rock building chart Florida's pioneer life. Another throwback to the fruit farming of old is "Robert is Here", which started life in 1959 when the shop's namesake, then six, began selling the family's cucumbers from a small stall. Since then, it has grown into an exotic emporium of fruit and veg. In the lovely setting you can drink fruity milkshakes and buy sweet gifts.

Miami - Top Interesting Places & Interesting Things to Do (I)

What is it that makes Miami such a hot place to be? Cities with nice weather hold a name for itself, but Miami seems to pack a one-two punch for visitors who seem to always come back for more. Few places in the world have it all, but Miami has such a diverse appeal to many tourists. 

Miami Beaches

South Beach, surf capital of Miami is the place to enjoy yourself. No trip to Miami is complete until you spend a day in relaxing South Beach. The scene certainly lives up to the stereotype of Miami. You'll find surfers catching the waves in a turquoise ocean, models sauntering along golden sands and roller-blades gliding down Ocean Drive.

Spend the day enjoying the number one reason why tourists come back to Miami. Whether you call it "SoBe", the American Riviera or the Hollywood of The East, the beaches have been a playground for tourists of all varieties for years and years to come. 

You can also find here hyper-tanned celebrities rub oiled shoulders with hipsters in the sidewalk cafes, designer boutiques, lounge bars and dusk-til-dawn clubs. They make this a perfect place for chilling out after browsing through the World Erotic Art Museum. Among the quintessential hangouts are the Nikki Beach Club and the Opium Garden, while great restaurants include Joe's Stone Crab,  which is well known for its legendary lime pie.

Art Deco Historic District 

Now forget the sand and take a stroll around the art deco buildings on South Beach to catch its "Golden Era" of architecture. While Europe is known for cobblestone streets, Miami is architecturally known for its Art Deco style buildings. Here you will find a glamorous array of hotels, which grew up when a theatrical style swept the design world in the late 20's of the last century. Take a trip back to the 1930s in awe of these impressive structures; over 800 buildings that capture the style of the era.  Crowded along Ocean Drive are the best of these giddy individuals. Park Central Hotel and the Imperial, designed by New Yorkers Henry Hohauser and L Murray Dixon, feature bold bands of colour and window 'eyebrows', characteristic of this flamboyant style.

The "Road" with a "Sex and the City Flavour"

For those jaded by the preening crowds on Ocean Drive, the hippest place to visit is Lincoln Road Mall. Designed by iconic architectural guru Morris Lapidus in the 1950s, when it was dubbed the 'Fifth Avenue of the South', it's now simply known by locals as the 'Road'. Wall-to-wall sidewalk cafes, clubs and cultural venues stretch along its length (from Washington Avenue to Alton Road), looking glamorous thanks to a $16-million facelift. You could imagine the girls from 'Sex and the City' clicking their heels around its stylish boutiques. Among the best cafes are the Van Dyke and Balans. Highlights include the glam gay nightspot, the Score, The Lincoln Theater, home of the New World Symphony, and the Regal South Beach Stadium 18 movie theater. 

Little Havana 

Visit Little Havana for a real taste of Latin flavor. Little Havana is the closest Americans can get to Cuba. Miami Cubans are incredibly proud of this neighborhood, even if they don't live here. This neighborhood within the city of Miami is home to many Cuban immigrants. It got the name in the 1960s when a concentration of Cuban immigration skyrocketed. Here you'll find many restaurants and shops that are replicas of their ones back home.  Looking for "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk), traditional Cuban sandwiches and sizzling Salsa Clubs? Little Havana is the Latin capital of Miami.

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Top 9 Travel Recommendations

  1. Before traveling overseas check the latest news for your destination.
  2. Take out comprehensive travel insurance and ensure it covers you for the places you plan to visit and the things you plan to do.
  3. Register your travel plans and contact details online at your local embassy or consulate, so they can contact you in case of an emergency.
  4. Obey the laws of the country you're visiting or transiting and check any other entry or exit requirements.
  5. Make sure that you have the right visas for the country you're visiting or transiting (in case they are needed).
  6. Make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home.
  7. Check with health professionals for information on recommended vaccinations and other health precautions. Also find out about taking medication overseas: remember that certain medications are not alowed in some countries.
  8. Keep in contact with friends and family back home and give them a copy of your travel itinerary so they know where you are.
  9. Keep in contact with Royal Tours International Office. We'll support you alongside your entire journey.